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Qld State Trials Championship - rescheduled.

Due to another restriction the WDTC committee has moved the 2021 Queensland Championships that were to be held on the 10th/11th of July. We have decided to move this event to the 14th/15th of August. At that time we will be able to run the amazing event we had planned, WDTC would like to thank all the club members who have put in an absolutely massive effort in section setting and behind the scene work as well. As it stands now we have 12 lower and 12 upper sections cleared and ready to use and we can’t wait to make use of these on the 14th and 15th of August. We thank you for understanding and hope to see you on the 14/15 of August.

We will also be having a working bee the weekend of the 31st July at QMP

Entries are now open in Ridernet.  All event information, supp-regs, and entries can be found in Ridernet, and any necessary licence transactions, and club membership transactions can be done there as well.  The following link will take you straight into our event in Ridernet:

For the benefit of those who can not use Ridernet, please find attached supp regs and entry forms.  If you wish to enter the event outside of Ridernet, please contact the Race Secretary at in plenty of time before entries close for the event.


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