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Queensland Trials Championships 2019 Results

This event may well be remembered for the wet sections that the Logan River crew set amongst the beautiful rain forest at Thunderbird Park. There was some inspired riding at all levels in the muddy conditions, the riders well practiced in floating turns found plenty of places to use them to negotiate the tricky bits. By all reports the riders conduct was excellent around the course and the ambulance crew had another quiet day out at Trials. I must thank my section setting mentors  Bob Anderson and George Lewis for their help on our Wednesday section setting afternoons.

At the awards ceremony at end of event we did not give the trophies to the recipients of the Womens class. I would like to say well done to Sarah Chivers 1st place award and Nicole Casey for second place. For the best images of the event see the Logan River Motorcycle Trials Club FB page.

Richard Kent




steve byrne2019-07-08 12:57:21
What happened to your second day Richard?
Caldera Moto2019-07-09 07:33:57
Usually it is secret squirrel business when you have a problem, i suspect that I have put a crack in the motor in recent months training/competing and enough water got sucked in when at operating temp, finito

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