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Queensland Trials Subcommittee Update

13th Apr, 2017 | Justin Gough

Queensland Trials Subcommittee Update

Queensland Trials Subcommittee update.                                13/04/17


Wednesday 12/04/17 The Q.T.S.C had our monthly meeting and the main topic of discussion was developing Junior participation at grass roots level at all of Q.L.D Trials Events and continuing to develop those kids into the next crop of open class riders .

After a lengthy discussion a motion was put forward being to assist with the cost and encourage more junior participation at all (Practice Days, Coaching Days, Club Trials and Interclub Trials)  For all M.A Affiliated Q.L.D Trials Club Members 12 years of age and under the Q.L.D Trials Subcommittee will subsidize all entry fee’s. Meaning that if a child is a member of . W.D.T.C,  L.R.M.T.C, C.Q.T.C,  M.T.C.Q. or GYMPIE M.C.C. and is 12 years old or under you will only require a financial out lay for a M.A license to ride in any Q.L.D Trials Events. The cost of entry will be free.

All clubs are to accept the child’s entry with no entry fee attached. The organizing club running the event is to then simply list the Junior riders name and license number and invoice the Queensland Trials Subcommittee for prompt reimbursement.


This motion was voted on and passed unanimously and is valid from 12/04/17 and will be reviewed at our last meeting of the year in November 2017 with the hopes that we will continue this endeavor into the future and grow our sport from our younger generation.

We would ask that all our Qld. clubs please adopt this initiative from today onwards.



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