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Ridernet 2.0 is coming- Q+A on what’s next and when…

2nd Jul, 2022 | via Motorcycling Australia

In the back half of 2022, Motorcycling Australia is undertaking changes to its member systems. A new system will be in place from mid August of 2022.

To assist members and stakeholders with understanding what is happening, we have prepared this Q+A with details regarding the new system.

What will it mean for members? 

The new system will provide improved functionality for members- such as the ability to manage all family members together and make single payment transactions. All personal details will remain the same for members and will be transferred over, however a new password will need to be created by all members.   

What about member history? 

The system will transfer some member history to the new site, but not all history will be transferred over. History from 2017 upwards will be moved across for members. Current license holders, and other current information will also be automatically entered into the new system. The system will require all members to review their information to ensure the data entered in the system is complete, correct and up to date.

Will the app be affected? 

Due to the new system, the app will be replaced by another for it to be compatible with the new system. All members will need to download the new app once it is launched.

When will the new system be launched? 

The new system will go live around mid August of 2022. The exact date will be released in the coming weeks.

How can I learn how to use the new system? 

Once the system has been released, member training session will be available. The training sessions will provide information and instructions on how to use the system and the new app.  

Where can I ask a question and find more information? 

If more information is required or if you have other enquiries about the new system, please email

Please note: more information will be released prior to system rollout.

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