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Sherco 2010 Sneek Peek

31st Jul, 2009 | Keith Jobson

Take a sneak peek at the new 2010 Sherco!!!

Completely new chassis: New design, the overall weight has been reduced and the centre of gravity has been centralised and lowered to give better overall performance.

Air Filter Box: This is in the normal position of the fuel tank to give more efficiency of the air system, whilst making the position of the air box more practical when riding in water.

Fuel Tank: A new Ergal aluminium fuel tank which is now re-designed in the normal position of the air box and is fitted with an anti-bubble integrated fuel pump.

Rear silencer: New design which gives a more efficient performance, both internal and external.

Front Forks: New Ceriani front forks with a new MICRO CROM treatment which gives a 15% better slip performance compared to the conventional black forks. These forks also have all new aluminium internals giving an overall reduction in weight of 0.25 kg.

Rear Shock: This has a different spring and damping settings adapted to the revolutionary geometry of the new chassis.

New Cylinder Head Brace: To provide greater rigidity to the chassis to eliminate vibration and to mounting of the electrical components.



Completely new chassis, narrower and lighter

New, designed sumpshield

Re-designed - more rigid front mudguard

Re-designed wider rear mudguard

New air filter box cover with graphics

New rear LED double optical light

New side covers adapted to new design

New, narrower radiator in the form of a 'U' to provide much improved cooling
Get in quick for one out of the first shipment (Due in before Xmas). Orders being taken now through your local Sherco dealer.

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