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Sherco 2010 Trial range released

18th Nov, 2009 | Don Murray


The 2010 Sherco trials models represents one of the most important breakthroughs in the trials world in recent years.

Launched recently in Europe the exciting new Sherco range continues to strengthen the firms strong and successful history in the Trials market.



Since the first units left the factory near Barcelona in 1998, Sherco has continued to evolve the design of the trials motorcycle. In many cases Sherco has developed technical solutions that have paved the way forward, making the mark a clear leader in the highly competitive trials market place. This position has been further strengthened by offering a full range of engine sizes from the small 50cc to the powerful 290cc 2-stroke and the 320cc 4-stroke, these motorcycles have dominated many area and national championships and have also being faithful and reliable machines for thousands of riders around the world.Sherco_320_2010_LH

Sherco as a company has been restless in recent months. They have been methodically developing a full range of new trials models; little by little it has gestated a major project that is slated for release in November of 2009. The new models will propel the brand into 2010 and beyond. Based on the experience gained over the past 10 years, the new Sherco trials will certainly mark the beginning of a new era in this beautiful motorcycle discipline that is called trials.Sherco_2010_2TLH

The new Sherco is amazing and spectacular. Aesthetically it maintains the features of the brand, but its design is radically different, it incorporates many new features and a striking change in the overall dynamic of the bike. Improvements in the performance of the chassis are important and in turn will directly affect the engine performance.

A tubular chassis, new fuel tank, new air filter, plus a new aesthetic appearance are the things that most apparent to the naked eye. Up close the new Sherco is even more striking with exceptional accessibility to all of its components.

The new tubular steel frame embraces two of the most important developments of the new Sherco. The positions of the fuel tank and the air filter have been exchanged. With the relocation of these two major components you get a new weight distribution closer to the nucleus. The tank which is made out of ergal incorporates a small fuel pump which will provide an efficient flow of gasoline to the carburetor no matter what position the bike is in, ensuring that the engine can operate at full capacity under all circumstances.

The air filter is now located just behind the steering head, this is a clear advantage in all conditions. It allows a better supply of fresh, clean air, while allowing air to enter the filter even if the seat is completely under water. This is a situation that has been unthinkable until now. An additional advantage of this filter location is that it improves the efficiency of the engine. Many other issues have been addressed, such as the anchoring of the radiator with out using any fixing screws, and also providing easy access to most of the electrical system.

The new Sherco contains many other significant design changes including new Ceriani forks, new aluminum fork internals, new bodywork and new aesthetics.

In recent news from the UK the 2010 Sherco trials machine is a winner according to team riders Michael Brown and Jonathan Richardson. Both riders have ridden the pre-production machines. Speaking to Malcolm Rathmell from MRS, the Sherco importers he had this to say to Trial Magazine,” Both of my team riders rode the machine in a secret shake down test as production has started on the new machines and I personally wanted to make sure the machines were okay when ridden on British soil. According to both Michael and Jonathan the biggest attribute to the new machine in the low down weight. This makes the machine much more manoeuvrable in difficult situations.



For more information please contact your local Sherco Dealer at or drop in for a chat with one of our dealers at this weekends Sydney Motorcycle Show .. Pricing TBA.


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