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Sherco Womens Cup & Howard Wallace Masters Shield

The Sherco Womens Cup & Howard Wallace Masters Shield is on again

We’d love to have you come and have a ride at our Open Trial on April 15th, at Fairbairn Trials Park.

This Trial combines two really special events that we have taken pride in presenting for many years.

The Sherco Womens Cup has been the catalyst for a number of Womens Trials events around Australia, and is a testament to the inspiration of Bev Anderson for all the years we have conducted it. Julie Collins has stepped up, and is doing a great job in assisting Bev in the past two years.

Many of you will know, or know of, Howard Wallace. Our little mate lost a year long battle with Moto Neurone disease, and it has been very fitting that we renamed our Masters Shield event to honour his memory.

Looking forward to catch up with many of you on April 15th.

Keep your feet up,

Trevor Bennett

TCC Secretary


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