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SQTA Hinchcliffe's "A" Oct 19

29th Oct, 2019 | Harry van Dijk
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SQTA Hinchcliffe's

Well that wraps up year 11 for SQTA, with only our not so serious "Gate Trial" and presentions left to play with next month. This event was meant to be our "wind down" trial, as the last round of the club championship was held on the same property a few weeks ago, but on the other side of the creek.

On a seperate note, I must make mention of the number of juniors that are arriving on the scene which makes for a bright future for trials as a whole. The quality and the riding skills these juniors have picked up is no doubt due the development and training days organised by our close Logan River allies and supported by some well respected Qld riders. So with these new upcoming junior riders and revised formats, 2020 is set to be an exciting trials year.

Attached is the event report and results, you may notice the scores in some divisions are a bit high for a "wind down" event, as some sections were a bit tougher then planned. But in saying that, most riders persisted and eventually beat the challange put in front of them much to their joy.











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