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SQTA Hinchcliffe's "B" Oct 19

9th Oct, 2019 | Harry van Dijk
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SQTA Hinchcliffe's

As our season is nearing an end for another year, the hot and dry weather is certainly causing cruel chaos. Our last trial was cancelled due to fires in the Canugra area and no sooner we finished this trial we find out that Peter Moore's property we use at Busby Flats has been burned to the ground .

The countryside is so dry, clearing sections of weeds seems to be a thing of the past, our normal wet and slippery sections we look forward to riding have all but dissappeared. Lets hope it rains soon so our property owners and their stock get a break.  

Anyway, attached is a brief report of another great weekend of trials, supported by plenty of riders, parents and volunteers. 






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