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SQTA, QLD AMA Series, Round 4

21st Oct, 2020 | Harry van Dijk
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SQTA, QLD AMA Series, Round 4

Qld AMA 4th and final round was hosted by SQTA on Sunday at the beautiful Hinchies "B" property, also known as "Terranova" which by the way was used as a movie set some years ago...about dinosaurs. Come to think of it, they have adapted well as I did see a few of them riding trials bikes :-). Attached is the report completed by Brad with results for the round and series overall. Besides the acknowledgement of the volunteers, I also want to thank our continuing supporters, Erwin Interiors, Sign Supplies, Tyres for Bikes, HRV Trials Team and Megajoules. Thank you and what a great series it was.






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