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SQTA Rd. 3 The Overflow 2019

11th Jun, 2019 | Harry van Dijk
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SQTA Rd. 3 The Overflow 2019

Seeing it is winter we were expecting a cold weekend and even colder temperatures overnight at "The Overflow" on the fringes of Beaudesert. Instead, we all relished in perfect riding weather. Can't believe this place, just when you think your not riding well you find out at the end of the day you actually rode good,  just proves you should never give up as you never know how your club mates are riding. Our usual venues include sections that have an association with water, but not "The Overflow, so riding here is a novelty with most bikes going home just covered in a bit of dust. The terrain is dry eucalypt forest with outcrops of granite that vary in size from massive boulders to annoying small rocks the size of tennis balls. We'll return here one more time this year and see how much we've improved. To see how it all went over the weekend check out the report and results.





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