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SQTA Rd. 4 Busby Flats 2019

2nd Jul, 2019 | Harry van Dijk
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SQTA Rd. 4 Busby Flats 2019

Great weekend of trials in Northern NSW, those that were lucky enough to make this trial weren't dissapointed. The weather was almost perfect which you wouldn't have thought would happen considering the rain that fell during the week. I can't explain how much effort and resources Peter puts into his property to get it ready just for trials, saying thank you so many times just doesn't seem enough. I know those that rode appreciated everyone's work to make this event happen. The camping area was further into the property this time and on level ground surrrounded by good ol' aussie bushland and easy access to the sections. To top the night off, campers had a choice of sitting around the fire and enjoy a chin wag or simply just sit there relishing  the clear night skies. What a great country we live in!



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