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SQTA Round 4 Sizmurs QLD

13th Jun, 2018 | Harry van Dijk
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SQTA Round 4 Sizmurs QLD

Can't believe we are nearly half way through the year, meaning that we are also half way (well nearly) through the riding season. Even though its winter, the riding weather has just about been perfect. I received a number of emails and txt messages after the event, confirming the postive comments  received throughout the day. So I would say, everyone enjoyed a great days riding. As mentioned in the report, the sections came with variety and of course were changing due to areas either drying up, or getting wetter as the day ticked over. This event marked the last trial in the Canungra area for this year,  now we're looking forward to returning to some of the new sites made available last year.

The 3 attachements are the report, pics and results...enjoy








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