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The new Ridernet 2.0 system will be live from August 19th

2nd Aug, 2022 | via Motorcycling Australia

The new Ridernet 2.0 system will be live from August 19th

 1. The existing Ridernet system will be unavailable from 10pm Aug 15 to 10pm Aug 18 as we complete the migration.  If you need to renew your licence, purchase a club membership or enter an event please do so before or after the shutdown.
 2. When you log into the new Ridernet 2.0 for the first time you may be required to complete some missing mandatory information. This will ensure our information about you is up to date.
 3. During the initial transition phase, you may see some event pages still using the soon-to-be-outdated Ridernet 1.0.  All events will be transitioned by September 20th, 2022. After that date, you will see all events running in Ridernet 2.0
 4. While we have undertaken extensive testing and validation of the new system, it is expected that some bugs and issues will make themselves known. To ensure your account is in order, we would ask that once in the new system, you please review your profile- and let us know your feedback!
 5. Send feedback and questions to
We are very much looking forward to bedding in the (VERY!) much improved Ridernet 2.0 system. This project seeks to deliver our members a smoother, easier, and trouble-free experience. With your feedback and support, we will achieve that.

If you have any questions, please refer them to the email helpline –

MA Licencing Team

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