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The Trials Australia Podcast goes global

20th Apr, 2022 | David Grice

The Trials Australia Podcast goes global

The Trials Australia Podcast has gone global! This week we are in the USA to provide coverage and ride from:



Local Time


3rd Annual California Trials Invitational (Media Coverage)

20th April

Start 10:00am

Stop 3:00pm

Start 3:00am (Thu 21st)

Stop 8:00am (Thu 21st)

50th edition El Trial de España (Media Coverage & Ride)

23rd April

Start 9:00am

Pro Exhibition: 2:00pm

Stop: 5:00pm

Start 2:00am (Sun 24th)

Pro Ex. 7:00am (Sun 24th)

Stop 10:00am (Sun 24th)

Conquer The West Cup (Ride)

24th April

Start 10:00am

Stop 4:00pm

Start 3:00am (Mon 25th)

Stop 9:00am (Mon 25th)

Stay Tuned to the Podcast and Youtube Channels for coverage and set your notifications to ‘All’ to get alerted when we go live:

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El Trial de España is the oldest and most prestigious Moto Trial in North America. Created by Fred Belair, the event has drawn international recognition and attracted the World's best trials riders for the past 50 years. Belair's dream was to provide a ladder for American riders to compete at the World Championship level. That hope was realized when American Bernie Schreiber became World Champion in 1979. To this day, Schreiber remains the only American to have reached the sport's pinnacle.


Since its inception in 1970, El Trial de España’s growth and reputation has helped generate funds necessary to send Americans to compete internationally. Support for the USA Trial des Nations Team has been the main focus of support since 1994. Trial des Nations is an international mototrial team competition held in Europe. Teams from 25 nations represent and defend their country's honor.


El Trial is a weekend of great competition in all classes, highlight being the afternoon’s world-class Pro Exhibition for the top level riders. Spectators flock to see these elite riders tackle spectacular sections that test not only their riding ability, but their courage as well.

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