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All three Australian Womens Trial des Nations are set to compete in Friday third and final round of the 2010 FIM World Trials Championship for Women in Poland. Kristie McKinnon and Ailsa Anderson have been joined by Brooke Lonie, who joins to team in place of Michelle Coleman, who was injured riding in Australia just days before she was due to fly overseas.girls1.jpg

 The event is a vital part of the Aussie girls des Nations preperation, because the course for the world championship on Friday is re-used for the Womens des Nations on Saturday, so riding the world round gives all the TDN competitors the chance to ride the sections the day before the des Nations.

The Aussies arrived in the Polish town of Myslenice earlier in the week, which gave them a chance to get some practice on the Polish soil. The region has experienced far more rain in recent months that is normal, leaving the ground muddy and slippery, and far trickier to ride than the event the girls rode last week in Czech

Our girls were joined on the inspection lap by the Australian mens team, and the team minders. With two laps of 14 sections, the Australian womens riders are looking forward to a good event Friday, as they prepare for the main purpose of their European tour, the Trial des Nations for Women to be held this Saturday.inspect.jpg

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