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Top Nass Trial Report

2nd Jun, 2022 | Winesy

Why would somebody drive nearly 950km’s each way to a 2-day trial?

Was it to see the new Prime Minister? I doubt it.

Was it because I love putting extra money into our taxes through diesel prices? I doubt that too.

Was it to see Trev’s smiling face at riders briefing? That certainly makes you feel welcome.


It’s because the “Trials Club of Canberra” puts on a great 2-day trial where fun was the theme and not your results. As Trev said, you’re riding at the sheep station, not riding for the sheep station.


19 Victorians and 2 Tasmanian riders out of 91 attending this great trial says it’s a must do event each year.

I think it’s been running for 5 years now and every year it gets bigger and better.

The Top Nass farm property owners “Mandy and Kelvin Curtis“ made everyone feel welcome and the camping area was nicely groomed for all to use. A large supply of firewood was supplied for the community campfire each night.


The riding format of 2 riders per minute per figure eight loop means cueing at each section is kept to a minimum.

The 24 sections each lap over 2 laps riding through “river beds, rocky slopes, off camber hills and a few log sections” was absolutely fun and enjoyable for all grades.

The sections were simple to read with the direction from the “enter to exit gate” without any confusion over gate order.

Sunday’s sections were the same except in reverse order. This keeps it interesting for the riders and easier for the organisers over a 2-day event.

One aspect that makes this trial unique was the 14 km’s of “single bike trails” between sections giving you the feel of the old enduro type tracks that we use to ride in the 80’s. I can’t imagine how they managed to brush cut this entire 14 km loop but that’s makes you appreciate how many hours went into making the trial possible.

Luckily we had sunny weather on Saturday and Sunday which could have been very different if the rain and hail came as it did on Monday.

Without naming individuals, a big thanks to all who made this trial possible as like Glenmaggie, it’s a huge task to put this type of event together.

I certainly will be there next year.

Will you?


Peter Wines

Woodford trials club


Trevor Bennett2022-06-03 05:14:53
As I commented on Facebook, Pete's generous comments, and his taking time to actually submit the report might be just enough to make me think that my retirement from Trials organising may have to be deferred!

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