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Trial Des Nations - Team Raffle 2022

5th Jun, 2022 | Matt Langtree

Trial Des Nations - Team Raffle 2022

Team Australia needs your help for the upcoming Trials des Nations in Monza Italy on the 24-25/9/22. Once again we will be running our TdN raffle. With great support from  Alpinestar, Dunlop, The Hell Team, Michelin, Trialsbike and Global Racing Oil. We also have a bonus prize of a GasGas gear Bag, GG umbrella . GG Water bottle and GG hat which have been donated from GasGas.  and  There's a couple of ways you can purchase tickets.

Team members will have tickets at events, you can contact Phil Whittle for purchasing full books @ $40 and he will fill the book out for the purchaser. Keep an eye out for upcoming events in your state.

If would like to make a donation to the 2022 Trial des Nations Team Australia  please contact Phil Whittle.

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