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Trial World Championship - Thank You

28th Apr, 2014 | Col Scott

Following on from the success of the Trial World Championships in 2012 the April 2014 event was a huge improvement. The teams, competitors, traders and the spectators have enthusiastically endorsed the event and along with the officials from the FIM and Motorcycling Australia I pass on hearty congratulations to all the volunteers who so freely gave of their time to present such a professional event.

Our big challenge for 2014 was observing ‘non-stop’ rules and I know that many of our observers had to deal with a fair bit of unnecessary comment from all quarters but to their credit they did a great job and my personal thanks goes out to you all.

I would also like to recognize the Australia trial bike importers for the effort they all put in to ensure that not only were there sufficient bikes available for competitors and minders but also for taking the time to chat to interested spectators about the sport. Well done.

This event would not have succeeded if not for the ownership of it by the Maldon Community who provided so much of the important infrastructure that sits in the background going unnoticed but without it we’d really struggle.

The State Government of Victoria and Parks Victoria were major stakeholders in this grand prix and their ongoing support for these events is pivotal and I’d like to take this opportunity to not only thank them for their support but also all the spectators who clearly appreciated the privilege we all enjoyed by having the Maldon Historic Park available for a motorcycle event.

In conclusion, our 2014 event has ticked all the boxes and I thank all the volunteers, sponsors, dealers and supporters for collectively achieving a very polished and professional world championship event.

Thank you all.

Colin Scott

Event Coordinator

TCV Inc:.

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