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Trials Club of Canberra Two Day Trial

8th May, 2019 | Trevor Bennett

Trials Club of Canberra Two Day Trial

Our Two Day Trial at the brilliant Top Naas Homestead on June 1st and 2nd is a little different.

Here are a few clues.

Nass is pronounced 'nase'. I've lived in the region since 1960 and that's how I always pronounced it. Just to be on the safe side I checked with Mandy and Kevin, our wonderful hosts, who confirmed 'nase'.

The loop is going to be as long as we can make it. Between 10 and 12 km.

Two laps of 24 sections.

No Observers as such. You will be riding in pairs. We will sort the entries into pairs, taking parent / child pairings into consideration. Make sure you have a suitable pocket for a pen. Each pair will observe each other.

The first pair will leave the Control area at 10.30am on the Saturday. Each pair will then leave at 2 minute intervals. If we get 50 entries, the last pair will leave at 11.20am. Each pair will have five hours to finish their two laps. They should allow for a refuel / rehydration / lunch / rest break. 

The two minute start interval and overall time limit is for no other reason than to spread you out around the course.

The loop will be like a figure eight, with the cross over point back at the Control area. There will be a refuelling area at the cross over point, to enable refuelling, or battery swap over, to be undertaken in a controlled environment.

There will be no "Grades" as such. There will be four lines. Red line will be the hardest. Yellow line will be challenging, Blue line will be enjoyable, and Clubman line will be anywhere in the section. I would hope to have Luke Anderson ride the Red Line. Peter Curtis to ride the Yellow Line, Trevor Bennett to ride the Blue Line and Bill Guthrie to ride the Clubman line.

Those of you that believe in C+ should ride the Yellow Line.

Have you noticed there are no Minders. Those riders who regularly ride with a minder, can now ride with the same person but at this event that person will be a rider, just the same as the rest of us.

You enter whichever "line" you feel comfortable with. Just make sure your nameplate matches the line you are entering.

Camping will be available on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights. There will be sausage sizzle catering for Saturday & Sunday.

Catering will be fundraising for NaasstockIEM and proceeds will be going to children's cancer research.

You’ll find the Supp Regs and Entry Form at this link.

Please note that entries close on Tuesday May 28th.

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