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Trials Club of Queensland 2022 Sign On Trial

10th Feb, 2022 | Trials Club of Queensland

Trials Club of Queensland 2022 Sign On Trial

It’s that time of the year again, time to find out that, in fact, the washing machine did shrink your riding pants over the break, again....
Welcome to the 2022 Trials Club Of Queensland season.
This Saturday, yes Saturday, see’s TCQ host their Sign On day trial at the fabulous “RobJoy” property overlooking the picturesque Maroon Dam.
Sign On and entry to the trial will start at 2:00pm, basically if you are joining the club on the day, you will pay your membership ($15 solo and $25 family) then ride the trial for free!! If you don’t want to join the club you will pay $15 senior, $10 Junior or $25 Family entry fee..
##### Please note and understand, when you sign on for this or any TCQ trials this year you MUST show proof that your AMA license is valid. If you don’t have proof then you will require a one event license at a cost of $15. This will be the new norm from now on, this is important because without a current license or one event license you, and most importantly the property owners, will not be covered by any insurance!! Sorry to be hard about this, we can not stress enough how important this is.##### 
Ok now that is said, Saturday’s formate, usual classes T2, T3, T4, T4Jnr, T5, T5Jnr, T6 and T6Jnr. Medallions for top 3 in each class. Start time is 4:00pm, finish time is 7:30pm, so, about now you’re thinking hmmm it’ll be dark at 6:30, how will I be able to ride in the dark??? Here’s the fun bit, you will need to mount (securely mount) any type of touch/light to help you ride the sections in the evening. Or, if you think a head lamp on your helmet would work better you can do that instead, maybe both might be a good idea. 
It’s your responsibility to sort your own lighting, and again please affix everything sercurely.
Because of the night time part of this event, there will be extra safety conditions that will be in place, these will be explained at riders briefing.
So let’s start 2022 with something different to try, camping after the trial is encouraged the Sunday you are free to have a ride before making your way home.
Looking forward to catching up with everyone Saturday, please, as usual the correct cash is appreciated.

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