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Trials Club of Queensland Open Trial 3

1st Sep, 2021 | Trials Club of Queensland

Trials Club of Queensland Open Trial 3

Week and a half to go!!!!
Super easy to get ya entries in on-line. Really helps everyone involved working behind the scenes to know your coming....

On the subject of helping our tireless volunteers..... Can we please get back to basics in regards to name plates, please ensure you are displaying the correct colour name plate for the line (coloured splits) you are riding, our volunteer observers have to be able to see the colour of your name plate to be sure that they are scoring you correctly. It is very hard for them when your colour is incorrect, or, you are still using your headlight.....
Lets help the people that give up their time for us to ride.


Entries are now open for Trials Club Of Queensland’s September Open Trial.
So it’s back on the modern bikes (obviously old bikes more than welcome) after the Stanthorpe Classic a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful “RobJoy” is the venue, entries on line, pay on day or online. Entries on the day fine, but please a curtesy phone call would be greatly appreciated. A few people still ask if entry is more for non TCQ members.... Again, NO, one entry price for all.
On-site catering by Nyce Le Chariot.
Please follow the link.

### Event can and will be postponed or cancelled as per Covid 19 regulations###

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