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Trials Club of Queensland Young Rider Profile- Billy Gough

The Gough family has been synonymous with the sport of Trials in Australia for around 50 years. Brothers Robert and Jeff were pioneers of the sport in Queensland in the 1970's, Robert's son Justin and I grew up around the sport and learnt our craft from the riders around us. Justin and Sally's son Billy started riding about 10 x years ago and now at 15 years old he is riding very well and has a bright future as a Trials rider. He is a positive minded young man, a pleasure to be around.

Name, DOB- Billy Gough, 30 January, 2004

When did you first ride a motorbike?- 4 x years old

First machine- Yamaha PeeWee 50cc

Current moto- TRS 125

When and where did you ride your first Trial?- Undullah TCQ event 2008

Hobbies other than Trials?- MX and Enduro, being with friends and family, helping and sharing

Favourite 3 x riders- Bradley Bryant, Tony Bax, Just in Gough

What are your goals in Trials?- inspire the younger riders and become someone people look up to.

By Richard Kent

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