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Trials Experience Spanish Riding Tour a success!

16th Aug, 2012 | Trials Experience

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The crew at Trials Experience has returned from our first riding tour of Spain. We took over a group of 8 people to Jordi Pascuets Offroad Centre in Tost, Just out of Barcelona. More pics are on our Trials Experience Facebook Page!

I will give you a run down of the tour. We met in Barcelona on Monday 23rd July so we could group up and have a welcome dinner. Early Tuesday morning we drove 2 and a bit hours to Pascuet Offroad centre in Tost. Lunch was waiting for us and then we did an afternoon training session.  
We trained Wednesday morning in a class environment and then went for a trail ride (excursion) in the afternoon. This was a great break up of the day as we got to look around this amazing place.  
Thursday we did a factory tour of Ossa, Gas Gas and S3 parts. It was great to see where the bikes come from and meet everyone. We stayed in Girona Thursday night and then on Friday morning we drove to Sherco. After that we did a little sightseeing on the way back to Jordis.  
Saturday morning we went to Andorra. Its a separate country next to Spain and France and is well known for cheap shopping. This was a free day where everyone relaxed and had a lookn around.  
Sunday we had a full day's trail riding. We went out from 9am - 12pm, returned for lunch at 1pm then went out on another loop at 3pm - 6pm. AWESOME!!  
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it was back to school in the morning and trail ride in the afternoon.
We then cruised back to Barcelona on Wednesday afternoon and had a day of sightseeing on Thursday before everyone flew home on Friday.
Trent and I made our way up to the Beta factory in Florence, Italy for a tour.. Great!

The tour includes all transfers, accomidation, meals, bike hire, coaching, fuel, motel accomidation.. All you need to do is get to Barcelona and back and have travel insurance (we can advise which one you need).
The riding is for all levels and Jordi is a great coach so he works with each student personally.
There is a limit of 8 on the group so its nice small group sizes. The accomidation is so awesome! Nice and clean and the meals are all home cooked by Jordis Sister, Dolorj. She makes huge meals for every sitting so you wont go hungry!  
Call Cass on 0402 181 943 or email for all the details of next years tour. You will be surprised on pricing! It is very reasonable!

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