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Trials For Everybody - DVD

1st Nov, 2013 | Paul Arnott

Trials for EverybodyNOW  in English ! 1h20 of video sessions ! Two professional instructors create a great training DVD with lots of slow motion and on screen graphics to help explain the courses. (See the YouTube clip - LINK).

From beginners to accomplished competitors, everybody will learn something from this DVD!

Each technique is shown in a modern educational method. A very comprehensive learning tool that's fun to watch.


18 lessons :


1- Balance

2- Basic turns

3- Lifting front wheel

4- Steps

5- Safety

6- Descents


7- Move front wheel

8- Move rear wheel

9- Balance with front wheel up

10- Jumping a step

11- Wheelies


12- Negative steps

13- Drop off

14- Jump

15- Jump a gap

16- Bounce on rear wheel

17- Wheelie up

18- Stoppies


19- Freeride with Yannick

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Or grab the Trials Jedi Master classes - 3 x DVD's


Become the Jedi Master of trials riding!


Use "The Force" contained within these 3 great training videos and get the maximum from your riding.


Pack contains:


Toni Bou's "Rider Techniques".


Jordi Pasquets - "Learning Trial"


Dissey & Marpinard - "Trials for Everybody".


 an awesome three pack of The Knowledge.  Usually $123 - Just $110.00

Available from the Hell Team Trials Store: LINK



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