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"TUBE TYPE" IRC Trial Tyres

5th Dec, 2016 | The Hell Team

Finally IRC Tube Type TR011R are available again!

Since Michelin stopped producing their "tube type" X11 a few years ago, there was only one choice in a good competition Trial Tyre that was specifically made for the olde "tube type" rims found on twinshock and classic bikes. That tyre is the IRC TR011 avaible in 21 inch fronts and 4.00 x 18 tube type rears.

Unfortunately supply has been very erratic over the last few years, and as all competition twinshock riders know tyres are of vital importance to the performance of the bikes. It is by far the best advantage, bang for buck that one can do on an older bike.

The Hell Team have just received a fresh shipment from Japan, and front and rears are available again, at the same prices as last year.


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