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Vale Steve Holzhauser

5th Aug, 2022 | Trevor Bennett

Vale Steve Holzhauser


Many of us in the Australian Trials community were saddened to hear of the recent passing of Steve Holzhauser, one of Australia’s most successful Greybeard/Veteran Australian Trials Champions.

Between 1991 at Canungra in Queensland, and 2013 at Sedgwick in Victoria, Steve won 19 Australian Trials Titles in the Greybeard / Veteran 60+ Class.

He didn’t ride at Eden Valley in South Australia in 1994, as he’d sustained a broken leg, whilst out practicing, only a couple of weeks before the Aussie Titles. Co-incidently this meant all of the Greybeard riders moved up a place, and actually resulted in me gaining my first ever trophy at an Aussie Title for 5th place in Greybeard Class.

While not riding the Aussie Titles on a regular basis in the Open Solo Class, Steve finished 5th in 1976 at Mount Kembla, NSW, 5th in 1977 at Elaine, Victoria, and 4th in 1984 at Eden Valley/Menglers Hill in South Australia.

Trevor Bennett

Trials Club of Canberra

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