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VMS 2013 Final Series results

23rd Sep, 2013 | Keith Jobson
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The Victorian Mototrials Series results have now been finalised.

A tie for first place in C+ resulted in Trials Victoria members taking a bit of time to search the MoMS for an answer. 

The result is that the tie for 1st place stands - Matt Hannaford and Owen Hutchison equal first on 92 points.  Both finished with round results of two 1st places, one 2nd place and one 3rd place each. There is no 2nd place for the series; 3rd place is awarded to Scott Stephens in 74 points.

Winners in all grades are below.

Expert - Scott Owen
A Grade - Zach Mularzcyk
B Grade - Brooke Lonie
Masters - Steve Johnson
C+ Grade - Matt Hanaford and Owen Hutchison
C Grade - David MacDonald
Veterans - Phil Arnott
Twinshock - Paul Sens
Clubperson - Gordon Smith
Junior - Matthew O'Keefe

Check the attachments for full results.


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