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Due to the rollback of Covid-19 restrictions the TCV committee has had no choice in cancelling the first round of the VTS at Hokins Road Ravenswood on the 12th of July.

We will be still running a Ride Park Australia (RPA) practise day on the 12th of July from 10am to 3.30pm.

So why a RPA practise day? Riders attending a RPA day don’t need a MA licence to participate so we can cater for new people coming into the sport to have a go.

If any one planning on attending is living in any of the hot spot post codes please stay at home and miss this event.

If you are planning attending please contact Phil Whittle or Paul Sens

If we have more than 20 participants we will be splitting riders into smaller groups to stay within the government guide lines.

The club has obtained a permit from the Bendigo city council to be able to hold motorcycling events on this property. As part of the permit we can not use the gate at the top of the hill. We have to enter the property at Lindsay house, signs will be out on the day.

Stay Safe Everyone!


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