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VTS round 3 – Ravenswood Supp Regs

Victoria's VTS round 3 will be running once again at the fantastic property at Ravenswood south of Bendigo.

This event last year proved to be an exceptional property for trials activity.

(NO ANIMALS what so ever – No exceptions) This is a working sheep farm.

Contact Phil Whittle for any information required.

A few new rules.

  • All motorcycles and sidecars must be completely clean when arriving at the trial to prevent any cross contamination to the landowner’s paddock. Any dirty bike will not be able to ride the event.
  • Any RIDER PRACTICING BEFORE RIDERS BRIEFING will get a 5 POINT PENALTY added to LAP 1’s score. Except riding their bike to the scrutineering area.

Enter and pay online now using our secure checkout:

One Meeting Recreational Licence ($25) can be purchased with online entries.

A One Meeting Competition Licence ($75) will also be available.


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