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1st Mar, 2021 | Mark Keenan

Western Districts Trials Club is pleased to announce that entries are now open for the first events of the year.

We will be having two practice days leading in to our first event.  They will both be at Fordsdale on Saturday 6th March, and then again on Saturday 13th March, which is the day before our first event.

The first event traditionally used to be called “Sign-on Day” but now that we are in an era of online memberships and entries that title has become somewhat redundant and so it is now simply called WDTC Club Series Round 1.  It will be held at the White’s family property at Razorback Road, Fordsdale on Sunday 14th March.  As has become standard for our club, the event information page, the supp-regs, entries, licence transactions and club membership transactions can all be done online at Ridernet.  The following link will take you directly to our event information page:

Just over a week after that on Monday 22nd March we will be having the first of our Midweek Club Trials at the same property.  These Midweek Trials are as low-key and laid back as you can get while still being a competition.  Riders can be as competitive or as relaxed as they choose.  It is also not uncommon for some riders to enter non-competitively and treat it as a practice day.  The following link will take you directly to the event information page to that event:

We prefer people to enter our events online, but are aware that is not always possible.  On the day entries will be available, but if you are planning to enter on the day could you please shoot a quick email to our race secretary at so that we can be prepared for you.

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