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Western Districts Trials Club has published the collective section setting knowledge and experience of our members into a comprehensive set of guidelines and have published it on our website for all to access. You can find it here as a downloadable PDF file. As time permits we will develop it into a mini-website so it is more friendly to access online. While you are on the WDTC page check out our training videos too.

Please feel free to use the document to share with your members and to help get your new members involved in all aspects of trials. If you can help us improve it please send your comments to the WDTC committee - contacts on the website. 

And here is a reminder that WDTC is holding a section setting day 22 June 2019 starting at 9 am at Rockatoo near Esk if you'd like to put the guidelines into practice. We will have some hard copies of the guidelines for new members.


Caldera Moto2019-06-26 03:39:02
Nice work team, very comprehensive guide.
Richard Kent

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