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WDTC Trial Tech Moto Gate Trial.

29th Aug, 2016 | Graham Weiss
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The Trial Tech Moto Club Gate Trial held by WDTC yesterday seemed to be a success. We had 35 riders which meant no hold ups on any sections. The weather was brilliant with sunshine all day. Even lunch was great, supplied by the local school P&C. The results are on here somewhere. Of course people complained about the sections that I set but if they didn`t there would of been something wrong! It seemed to take a while for most of the riders to work a Gate Trial out as you get points for riding through a series of gates but if you foot or cross your own line or go out of the section you get no points and the highest score wins which is completely different to a normal trial. Everyone I spoke to said it was fun so I think we will have one again next year. Graham.


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