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WDTC Twinshock Masters.

23rd Aug, 2019 | Graham Weiss

Well it is getting close to that time of the year yet again so I`m getting in early this year and asking for anybody who is interested in becoming an Observer for the WDTC Twinshock Masters Event which as usual will be the first weekend in November up at Green Park, Connondale. The actual trial will be on Sunday the 3rd of November and we will need at least 16 observers. There will be 8 Upper and 8 Lower grade sections. Some may need someone to click scorecards at the end of the section to make life easier for the Observer. You will get lunch and a couple of drinks, Non alcoholic unfortunately. If you can help us out please email me and let me know if you want an Upper or a Lower grade section. We are also trying out some new stuff on the Saturday so we will be needing some observers for the day as well. Stuff like a hillclimb and a see who can get the furtherest up the creek. So if you want to help out on the Saturday that would be good. I`m Graham Weiss and my email is  If you want send me a text on 0409180925. Thanks and I`ll see you there.

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