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Working through it, and self isolation on your Trials bike!

Just letting everyone know that at this stage The Hell Team are still operational and sending out Trial supplies daily. 

As many of you would know we share space with my partners Business Management company, Texas Productions. They are all now working from home and me and the dog have the place to ourselves!

We are extremely lucky to be metres from the Australia Post Bulk Postage centre, and we are still able to lodge packages for dispatch every day. So our online store is unaffected, and I'll be manning the factory everyday at this stage.

I'll still be taking phone orders as well, but please don't drop by and expect normal retail service. We want to serve you, but only in a safe and compliant fashion, so use the webstore or call it in, please.

If the phone goes to engaged or the messagebank, please leave your number and I will get back to you.

Safe riding everyone and I expect to see all those twinshock "projects" out and about when this is all done and dusted.

Paul Arnott


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