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Class Results:
Open Solo: Colin Zarczynski, Jake Whitaker, Neil Price
Youth: Sam Rummery, Drew Anderson, Blake Hellyar
Junior: Alex Nolan, Lachlan Gibson, Zachary Vlamis-Hale
Junior 7-12: James Wager, Tom Wager, Isaac Luft
Masters: Rob Jones, Richard Kent, Simon Van Baalen
Women: Kristie McKinnon, Michelle Coleman, Ailsa Anderson
Junior Women: Adina Reed, Brooke Tranter, Hilary Stephens
Veterans: Paul Moore, Steve Holzhauser, Peter Curtis
Post Classic: Toby Coleman, Mark Beechey, Mal Chapman
Sidecar: Gough/Blanchard, Claffey/Parker, Loone/Clay
Classic: Allan Phillipson, Dan Gollagher, Steve Johnson


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