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We have a very attractive standard advertising package available for trial related brands and businesses looking to put themselves in front of the largest group of Australian Trial riders and Trial enthusiasts.

Standard Advertising Package - Contact for Price

Banners - you get all 3:

  1. Forum Ad (468x60 pixels) - The large one at the top of the forums. In rotation with all other advertisers. Can be animated. Appears on every page of the forum.
  2. Standard Ad (300x250 pixels) - rectangle size. Can be animated. (Example on This is an industry standard size and will give you a lot more real estate on the page. 
  3. 90x31 pixels - the small size on the right hand side of the homepage only. Static. Appears on desktop and tablet devices only, not mobile.

Dealer-Only Forum Permissions

We will give you Special Access to the "Dealer Classifieds" section of the Classifieds on the Trials Australia Forum. 

News (main page content)

We will create a new "Contributor" account for you to post News articles on the homepage of and the "Sponsor News" section on the RHS of the front page.

Contact for current pricing

Contact us for the current standard package rate.